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Міністерство охорони здоров'я України

Міністерство освіти та науки України

Центр тестування професійної компетентності фахівців з вищою освітою напрямків підготовки "Медицина" та "Фармація"

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Український центр оцінювання якості освіти

Інформаційний центр сімейної медицини

Нацiональний медичний унiверситет iм. О.О.Богомольця


Нацiональний фармацевтичний унiверситет


Буковинський державний медичний університет


Вiнницький національний медичний унiверситет iм. М.І.Пирогова


Днiпропетровська державна медична академiя


Донецький національний медичний унiверситет


Запорiзький державний медичний унiверситет


Івано-Франківський національний медичний університет


Національна медична академiя пiслядипломної освiти iм. П.Л.Шупика


Кримський державний медичний унiверситет iм.С.І.Георгiєвського


Київський медичний університет УАНМ


Львiвський національний медичний унiверситет iм.Данила Галицького


Луганський державний медичний унiверситет


Одеський національний медичний унiверситет


Тернопiльський державний медичний університет iм. І.Я.Горбачевського

Харківський національний медичний університет


Харкiвська медична академiя пiслядипломної освiти


Полтавський національний технічний університет ім. Юрія Кондратюка


Полтавська державна аграрна академія


Полтавський університет економіки і торгівлі


Полтавський національний педагогічний університет ім. В.Г.Короленка


Foreign Students Training Department was founded in the Highest State Educational Institution “Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy” in 1992. English study programme was found in the Department in 2004 (in addition to the Russian study programme).

There are trainings by specialities:
1. Dentistry (8.110106, study term is 5 years)
2. Prosthetic Dentistry (5.110109, study term is 2 years on the background of completion of general secondary education)
3. Medical Affair (8.110101, study term is 6 years)
4. Nursing (5.110102, study term is 3 years on the background of completition of general secondary education)
5. Pharmacy (5.110121)

Students and International connections
841 foreign students from 39 countries of the world study In 2008-2009 academic year in the Academy. The Academy is striving for partnership development with diplomatic representations of foreign states the students of which study in the Higher Institution. UMDA was visited many times by ambassadors of India and Iran in Ukraine, Responsible People from Iran, Jordan and Palestine. Constant contacts are supported with embassies of Syria, Lebenon, Egypt, Iran and other countries. The collaborators of embassies and consulates of foreign states having been taking the accreditation in Ukraine the citizens of which study in Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy receive all-sided information about study, everyday conditions, material-technical equipment as well as about Academy Scientific Activity.

Reception rules
The foreign trainings as well as people without citizenship is realized by the Law of Ukraine “About law status of the foreign”, establishments of Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine from 26.02.93 N.136 “About foreign citizen study in Ukraine” as well as from 05.08.98 N.1238 “About satisfaction the Statement about reception of the foreign and citizens without citizenship in the Highest Educational Institutions”. Foreign citizens are enrolled in the Academy by results of competitions in Russian or Ukrainian (scientific style) as well as Biology and Physics.

Documents List that is necessary to be given to the Academy by the foreign:
1) application;
2) certificate about education and marks on study subjects;
3) medical certificate about health state evidenced by official organ of the Health Care of country from which the citizen arrived – not later than 2 months before exit to the study into Ukraine;
4) document about HIV absence if the other is not established by International Affairs of Ukraine;
5) insurance policy to urgent care giving (besides the foreign from countries where there is an agreement about free urgent care);
6) copy of document about birth;
7) 6 pictures 60x40 cm in size;
8) back ticket with opened date of return to Motherland in term up to 1 year.
Documents marked in subpoints “2”, “4” and “6” must be evidenced according to Laws of country having given them and legalized in proper established order if the other is not established by International agreements of Ukraine.

Documents giving terms
The documents reception is performed from the 15th of June to the 30th of October inclusive.

Post-graduate Education
Post-graduate Education is realized in clinical studentship and research studentship. 37 and 6 foreign students study in clinical studentship and research studentship correspondingly in 2008-2009 academic year.

All people that want can live in the hostel.

Training Department
Preparing Department (Pre-study Department) for foreign citizens in Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy has been working since 1997. Reception to the study is realized from the 15th of August till the 15th of November. Study term is 8-10 months. The pre-students study:
scientific style of speech;
Local Lore;
acquainting (introductory) course of Ukraine.
Pre-students took “Certificate” about training department finishing after study end and final exams successful passage. This certificate is of state sample. Educational process is provided by professors having special training and big experience of work with foreign citizens at initial stage. Language club was organized at training department. Its activity is directed to foreign citizens adaptation to life and study in Ukraine as well as acquainting with culture and traditions of the Ukrainians. Education cost is 1200& of USA in 2008-2009 academic year. Pre-students can take living place in a hostel. Living is in 2-3 seated rooms. Living cost is 230& of USA annually.


Meeting with Iran Embassy Representatives


The foreign must give (by fax) for taking the Invitation to study such documents as:
copy of the passport first page;
copy of certificate about birth;
copy of certificate about secondary school finishing.

For enrolling to the study one should give:
1. Origin or copy of certificate about birth evidenced in notary (public);
2. Origin or copy of certificate about education and marks on study subjects evidenced in notary (public)
3. Medical certificate about health state proving possibility to live under Ukraine climate conditions evidenced by healthy care organ of country directed the citizen for study;
4. Medical certificate proving absence AIDS diseases or certificate of treaty-preventive medical institution about medical examination on AIDS;
5. Insurance policy on urgent medical care giving;


  Rector of the Academy professor V.N.Zhdan with Students' Sports Meeting Winners

6. Personal form (questionnaire);
7. 8 pictures;
8. Back ticket with return (to Motherland) opened date up to 1 year in term.


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